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Our Students Make us Proud – Charvik Academy


The 2017 National Youth Chess Championship which concluded on Sunday at Kagarama Secondary School in Kicukiro district was a success, says Rwanda Chess Federation (FERWADE) president Kevin Ganza.Ganza who officiated at the two-day event that saw 63 youngsters compete in three categories: U-12, U-15, and U-18, said “this success is judged upon the number of participants which surpassed last year’s.”

Our students make us proud. Dheer Chawla, who has enrolled for chess online classes, he stunned opponents winning all his games in the U-12 category.

At Charvik Academy, we have FIDE certified coaches with 5+ years of experience in coaching for all levels — Beginner to Advanced. Our chess & rubik’s lessons were designed to teach both programs in an engaging and easily digestible way. One-on-one lessons allow the student to ask many questions and learn new techniques and strategies at his or her own pace. It enables the educator to tailor the educational programs to the individual student.