Frequently Asked Questions

What is Charvik Academy?

Charvik is an academy run by professional coaches that help kids succeed in Chess, Aeromodelling, Rubik's, and Robotics. We offer wide range of coaching such as Private Coaching in a home environment, Online Skype Classes, Coaching in Schools and Apartments.


Why Chess?

Through the medium of chess, we teach critical thinking, problem solving, mental discipline, how to deal with winning and losing, and other skills which affect learning in the classroom. Chess is fun whether played competitively or for recreation. It can be learned quickly and easily, especially by children.


Who are your Chess Instructors?

Detailed lesson plans, compiled by master chess players and teachers are used by Charvik instructors who themselves have been carefully screened and chosen for their expertise with both children and chess. Ongoing instructor training workshops are also an integral part of the program.


What is Aeromodelling?

Aeromodelling is a movement including DESIGN, CONSTRUCTION, BUILDING and FLYING of little model planes. Aeromodelling is an extremely energizing and fascinating approach to learn, apply and comprehend fundamental science and Physics Principles.


Do you provide students with Chess Boards and other Equipment?

We do provide our students with all necessary equipment including chess boards, pieces, chess clocks, a carry bag, demonstration tools and provide accesses to both and


Is Online tutoring effective?

Yes. It is very effective. Our chess & rubik's lessons were designed to teach both programs in an engaging and easily digestible way. One-on-one lessons allow the student to ask many questions and learn new techniques and strategies at his or her own pace.